Tesla Model S - tailored luggage collection.

Bespoke tailored luggage solution for your Tesla Model S

The Tesla model S, Model X and Model 3 have a huge amount of storage space owing largely to the lack of engine, transmission tunnel, fuel tank, catalytic converter or exhaust system found in non electric vehicles. 

The range of Tesla vehicles are remarkably practical and the rear load space can fit 6 x 4 sheets of drywall, mountain bikes, surfboards, camping gear and the family pet.

This still leaves the 'Frunk' and rear trunk space free which are useful but often underutilised owing to its unique form and dimensions. 

With the Oscar and Hamish tailored bespoke Tesla 'Frunk' luggage you can pack the removable bag set in your home then simply drop them into the frunk. A perfect tailored fit every time. 


Oscar and Hamish - designed and made exclusively in England

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