Free your Frunk

Hand made tailored luggage for your tesla

All about the Trunk

Hand made tailored luggage for your Model X trunk

Owner comments

"The ‘Fremont' that Oscar and Hamish have created is a masterpiece and a real credit to their many years of experience in fashion and architectural design"

Will (President Tesla Owners group UK) Model S owner

Cool white pair please to go with my new look car:)

Pete (UK) Tesla Model S owner

How far do they go on a charge? What happens when they "run" out?

Glenn (UK) Tesla Model S owner

 I love the grey. I can't wait to get a pair 

David (UK) - Model S and Model X owner

Home of the 'Fremont' driving sneaker and O&H tailored Tesla frunk luggage

Handmade in England

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‘Inspired by heroes, built by legends and born to be driven’

Premium driving shoes

Inspired by heroes

Handmade in England

Built by legends


Born to be driven