Tesla Model S 3 piece Frunk
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Tesla Model S 3 piece Frunk Tesla Model S 3 piece Frunk Tesla Model S 3 piece Frunk

Tesla Model S 3 piece Frunk

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The Tesla model S, Model X and Model 3 have a huge amount of storage space and the rear load space can fit 6 x 4 sheets of drywall, mountain bikes, surfboards, camping gear and the family pet.

This still leaves the 'Frunk' the storage space under the hood which is spacious but often underutilised owing to its unique form and dimensions. 

With the Oscar and Hamish tailored bespoke Tesla 'Frunk' luggage you can pack the removable bag set in your home then simply drop them into the frunk. A perfect tailored fit every time. 

The 'Frunkage' set comprises a main central bag with two handed smaller triangular bags at either side. The main central bag is fitted with a heavy duty padded shoulder strap and the two side bags have nylon woven grab handles. 

The O&H premium tailored luggage comes as standard in a heavy duty 'rip stop' nylon top with tactical nylon webbing and leather detailing. We also offer a 'P' version with high quality carbon fibre leather or 'nappa soft' fine grain leather top panel. 

The set of 3 bags can be left in the car all the time as the bag tops are designed to be folded down the back of the bags to create open storage dividers.  The side bags are designed to take larger bottles, shoes and / or charge cables.